Destination: Finland


Finland beckons travelers seeking a unique blend of Nordic charm and untamed wilderness. For nature lovers, Finland is a paradise. With over 180,000 lakes and vast swathes of boreal forest, Finland offers countless opportunities for exploration. Hike or kayak through breathtaking scenery in one of Finland’s many national parks, or embark on a wildlife safari to spot reindeer, elk, or even the elusive wolverine. Immerse yourself in Finnish culture by experiencing the tradition of the sauna, a deeply social and cleansing ritual.

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Helsinki, the vibrant capital, offers a delightful mix of modern design and historical charm. Explore the fascinating Suomenlinna sea fortress, delve into the innovative architecture of the Oodi Library, or simply wander the harbor market soaking up the atmosphere. Beyond the city, Finland offers the unforgettable opportunity to witness the Northern Lights blaze across the night sky during the winter months. For a truly special experience, head to Lapland, the heartland of Sami culture, and chase the magical Aurora Borealis. Whether you crave urban exploration or yearn for an escape into wild beauty, Finland promises an unforgettable adventure.


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