By on April 10, 2018

An all-inclusive ski package allows tourists to experience everything a resort has to offer. This is particularly brilliant if you haven’t been to the resort before or you aren’t sure what you want to do on your holiday.

These packages give you the opportunity to eat at all the restaurants, enjoy all the facilities the hotel has to offer, go skiing, take part in lessons, as while as equipment hire. They really are all-inclusive and nothing is left out.

What is a Ski Package?

A ski package is an all-in-one holiday that includes everything you would want or need for the entirety of your holiday. Everything from food, drinks, hotel rooms and equipment is all included within the package.

These packages are usually great money-saving options, and there are many, many upmarket and luxurious resorts that offer all-inclusive packages.

What Does the Package Include?

A package would usually include absolutely everything you would want on a holiday. The package would allow you to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner at selected restaurants, all drinks for free, ski equipment rentals, skiing lessons, and much more.

Some packages don’t always include the cost of flights, but most of them cover all the expenses once you reach the resort. This allows you to experience everything the resort has to offer without worrying about your budget.

Who Sells Ski Packages?

Many travel agencies sell skiing packages, but one of the most well-known ski package retailers is Club Med. Club Med sells skiing packages for resorts in Italy, France, Switzerland, and across Europe.

Their packages are very well priced and they cover resorts from budget resorts, all the way up to ultra-luxurious 5-star resorts. There are also many that are perfect for family holidays and that is ideal for kids.

Is a Ski Package Cheaper Than a Regular Holiday?

Depending on which country you choose to go to, and which hotel you choose to stay in, will determine if a package holiday will be cheaper than a regular holiday. You would need to research different holiday options when making a booking.

Why Book a Ski Package

Booking a ski package ensures you don’t miss out on anything a resort has to offer. If you haven’t been to the resort before, or on a skiing holiday before, it is very easy to skip things that could make your holiday that much better.

Sometimes your budget will also influence what you can and can’t do on holiday, and with a package, it ensures you can do everything without worrying about if you can afford it or not. A package becomes even more useful when things like meals and drinks are included, making it a massive money saver.

When is the Best Time to Book

There are two factors to take into consideration when booking a package. The first is, how popular a particular resort is, meaning how quickly it will be booked up. The second is the weather, will the weather be suitable for an enjoyable holiday.

Booking early and far in advance is a great idea as you want to make sure you can book a room at the resort you want to go to. Skiing lessons also get booked up really quickly and ensuring you get your spot in them, if you need it, is essential.

However, booking last minute ensures you go to the resort when the weather is at its best. There’s no use booking far in advance if the snow is minimal when you go or there are a lot of snow storms that force you to stay indoors.

Therefore, you need to find the middle ground and book far enough in advance that you get to stay in the resort you want, but also last minute enough so that you have a better idea of what the weather is going to be doing.

How Early Can You Book?

You can usually book up to a year in advance. Keep in mind that resorts will publish their ski lift and lodging prices at the end of Summer before the winter season starts.

When are the Cheapest Packages Available

The cheapest ski packages are usually available during the first and last few weeks of the skiing season. This time varies depending on where in the world you will be booking so you will need to do some research.

During these times, there is less snow than during the middle of the skiing season, but this is also when the cheapest packages are usually available at the resorts want to keep their hotels full until the very end of the season.

When are Packages the Most Expensive?

Packages are usually most expensive during the Christmas and New Year weeks, as well as during school holidays or national holidays. Doing research on the holiday periods of the country you want to visit will give you an idea of when packages will expensive.

Keep in mind, holidays like Chinese New Year will affect resorts in Asia, but that holiday period doesn’t happen at the beginning of the year. Small details like that are important to keep in mind.

How to Choose the Right Package

Choosing the right package is completely subjective, and depends entirely on what you want to get out of your holiday. Whether you want to focus mainly on skiing, relaxation, or family fun, there is a package for everything.

Every package will list everything it has to offer and what it includes, so shopping around and doing some research on packages will ensure you find the right one to fit you or your families needs.

Does the Package Cover all your Needs?

Once again, this aspect all comes down to research. Make sure the package covers all your skiing needs, if you have kids, are there slopes for them to ski or child-care facilities for when you want to hit the slopes.

All this information will be available when booking your holiday, as well as on the resort’s website. Make sure you have all the information at hand before making your booking.


Using a ski package is the best way to ensure you get everything out of your skiing holiday, and not miss out on a single thing. It does require research, but it is well worth it as you will never leave the resort wishing you had tried something but didn’t get the chance.