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By on February 23, 2019

If love has given you a new lease on life and you’re looking for creative honeymoon ideas, we recommend taking your romance to new heights in some of our most unique honeymoon destinations. From the luminescent, crystalline shores of the Maldives to the lofty heights of Mount Fuji, these fun honeymoon ideas will have you smiling long after married life begins!

Unique Honeymoon Destinations

unique French Polynesia honeymoon

To celebrate the your new adventure of marriage, choose a destination that offers unusual honeymoon options.

1.   Pearl Farms, Tahiti

Before the diamond became synonymous with love, there was the pearl: a luminescent gem symbolic of devotion. Is there a more romantic and unique honeymoon idea than diving in the turquoise waters of French Polynesia for a symbol of love itself? We don’t think so! If you need more encouragement: even Vogue agrees that Tahiti’s pearl farms are top of the list for unique honeymoon destinations!

Pearls aren’t all that Tahiti offers honeymoon couples. This far-flung Pacific island is home to stunning beaches, a thriving, yet laid-back local culture and sophisticated art galleries.

2.   Glowing Beaches, the Maldives

Time and again, couples select the Maldives for their honeymoon. The Maldives, however, is not just about serene beaches (which are divine, by the way!) but all about glowing beaches. That’s right: come nightfall, the shallow seas of the Indian Ocean transform into a twinkling landscape of bioluminescent microorganisms! It’s the sort of tranquil, awe-inspiring experience that will make you reach for your partner’s hand.

The Maldives is one of our specialities so trust us when we recommend this far-flung archipelago as a fun honeymoon destination. With one of our expertly curated Maldives packages, you won’t go wrong!

3.   Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia

Victoria Falls honeymoon

Much like being newly-married, there’s just something blissful and reassuring about hearing the rushing waters of Victoria Falls. This breathtaking waterfall is one of the most unique places to honeymoon in the world and we can guarantee that it will leave you gushing. Cruises along the Zambezi, game drives at sunset, luxurious chalets ‒ Victoria Falls offers a honeymoon unlike any other. Get exclusive access with one of our incredible honeymoon deals.

Unique Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

budget honeymoon in Croatia

Looking for a unique honeymoon destination that fits your budget? No stress, there are plenty of creative honeymoon ideas that won’t break the bank!

1.   Croatia

It’s hard to find cheap honeymoon ideas for Europe but we’ve managed it: we’re proud to present to you…colourful, charming Croatia! With rustic fishing towns and medieval villages, Croatia is the perfect setting for celebrating your very own happily-ever-after! Add in some splendid islands, historic Dubrovnik and cheap costs ‒ as well as your partner ‒  and you really have found yourself in paradise!

2.   India

India’s cities are full of hustle and bustle but there’s very little pressure on your pocket there. India abounds with vivacity and romance equally: surrounded by lively Agra is the world’s most famous monument to love, the Taj Mahal. This landmark was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

Other uncommon honeymoon experiences include visiting one of imperial Udaipur’s many palaces (if you can stay in one, you’re in for a treat) and spending a night under the stars in the desert. You can’t go wrong with a honeymoon in the country that gave the world the Kama Sutra and the Taj Mahal!

3.   South Africa

honeymoon on a budget in South Africa

You won’t find a unique honeymoon location cheaper than this. Our stunning country is often described as a world in one country ‒ and with good reason! From sunny days in the Cape Winelands to cosy nights in the Drakensberg, you will find a cheap honeymoon that still delivers quality. Hold hands as you meander along the deserted Wild Coast or find love written in the stars as you travel by train through the Karoo ‒ South Africa really does have it all.

A Non-beach Honeymoon

unique safari honeymoon

Yes, that’s right, it is entirely possible to have a non-beach honeymoon! Savannahs, lofty mountains and cosmopolitan cities are some of the best honeymoons to enjoy without getting sand in your shoes.These are some of our favourites:

1.   Safari

Honeymoon couples say a safari is the best non-beach honeymoon and they’ve got good reason! From game drives at dawn to sundowners overlooking a water hole teeming with elephants, safaris make for brilliant and uncommon honeymoon destinations!


This East African country abounds with wildlife and luxury safari experiences. Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, however, is as unique a honeymoon destination you can ever hope to find: imagine sharing a sumptuous breakfast in the company of your loved one and…a giraffe!


unique non-beach honeymoon in Tanzania


Tanzania may be better known for the tropical shores of Zanzibar but far inland you will discover scenery quite different: yellow grasslands dotted with ancient baobabs, young elephants and zebra splashing in the lake, and misty mountain peaks. It’s a top choice for a safari honeymoon!

2.   Hiking

unique honeymoon in Mount Fuji

Another kind of honeymoon fun, hiking with your partner is an adventure that can truly strengthen your bond. Spending endless hours together in the infinite wilderness is the perfect way to welcome in an eternity together!

Mount Fuji in Japan

Approaching Mount Fuji will send chills down your spine: delicate cherry blossoms and elegant Japanese temples frame this sculptured volcanic peak. It’s not a strenuous hike but altitude sickness can cause trouble. To avoid this, take a more leisurely route over a longer period of time to allow your body to acclimatise to the altitude. Sunrise and sunset are the highlights of this hike.

honeymoon in Slovenia

Krn Mountain, Slovenia

Other-worldly Krn is one of the most unique honeymoon destinations available to couples. The mountain range is simultaneously rocky, lush and scattered with history. Few people make it to this corner of the world so, apart from a few grazing sheep, you’re blissfully alone. As you soar among the clouds, the views are absolutely splendid.

3.   Urban Honeymoons

urban honeymoon in New York

Urban honeymoons are popular alternatives to beach getaways. The sheer variety that a metropolis offers means that you will have access to a diverse host of fun experiences that you’d be hard-pressed to find in the countryside.

New York

New York is one of the most creative honeymoon ideas for the adventurers-at-heart. Take in exhilarating views from the Empire State Building, browse world-class galleries and stroll around Central Park. This is not to mention the culinary scene! Is there a better place in the world for a dinner date? We think not! The Big Apple is home to 76 Michelin-starred restaurants.

unique honeymoon ideas in Tokyo


Cherry blossoms, imperial palaces and shimmering lakes set the scene for a unique honeymoon in Tokyo. Toasting your nuptials with traditional sake and being inspired by the stunning views of the city and Mount Fuji from the Sky Tower are some of the most romantic experiences the Japanese capital offers. Another surreal activity for honeymoon couples is to row down one of the cherry blossom-lined moats that encircle the Imperial Palace.

unique honeymoon ideas

Love and travel are two of the most beautiful experiences on this earth and a honeymoon is the only thing that’s better! Make the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon by choosing one of our unique honeymoon destinations. Your honeymoon adventure may lead you to a tranquil mountainside or to a romantic lake but we can promise you that all of these destinations are perfect fun honeymoons ideas!