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Leaving a Dog at Home Alone when on Holiday

POSTED ON: July 24, 2021 IN Travel Blog

That one dreaded day has come: time to leave your furry children at home alone. It is something we always want to avoid as fur parents because we just KNOW they will miss us terribly (or is it us missing them?).

Leaving a dog at home, alone, is definitely not as daunting and horrific as we might be picturing. Yes, they do get bored but if they are well adjusted and have found a comfortable space in our homes, all should be ok.

We will be taking a look at all of the different ways we can help them adjust to being on their own.


Leaving a Dog Alone While at Work: Things You Can Do

Keeping your dogs at home while you are at work or out and about shouldn’t be a cause of stress. There are many ways we can ensure our favourite children are well-adjusted and their environment is suitable for extended alone time.

You need to check off a few things to make sure they will be okay in your absence. These are environmental adjustments, enjoyment, and relaxation:

Relax, Take It Easy

If you do still fret about little Fido being alone, perhaps you can have a look at Cannabuddy’s full-spectrum CBD oil for pets. It can definitely help ease their anxiety and introduce a more calming environment (and give you some peace of mind as well).

This way you can be certain they will be ok (for the most part) without you. Perhaps try some CBD oil for yourself to ensure you are ok without them!


Environment: Keep Them Safe and secure

You will absolutely have to take a look at your home and rearrange or adjust in a way that will keep the cuties safe. Whether this is putting away or moving pots and plants, or preparing a specific room or space for them to be in, altering the environment they stay in is a must.

Also, if possible, prepare an area for them to do their business. While this may not always be possible, ensuring they can relieve themselves also goes a long way towards keeping them happy.

Keep in mind they are naturally curious, and will most likely attempt to sniff, chew, or otherwise engage with absolutely ANYTHING. So the rule of thumb is, if it’s important, looks or smells interesting, or just happens to be exciting whatsoever, pack it or move it.

Entertainment for the (Furry) Masses

Keeping your darlings entertained is all about their specific personalities and temperaments. So, take any adjustments here with a pinch of salt, as you will know best how to approach the situation. Leaving a few interactive toys out and about can be a good start to keeping them happy.

You might have a specific toy, stuffed animal, or smelly shoe that ticks all their boxes. Keeping this within their preferred space is a good idea, as long as they are allowed to play with it unsupervised.


How Long Can You Leave a Dog Alone?

Planning a vacation without the spirit of the family joining can be sad, but the unfortunate truth is they can’t always be with us. Leaving them alone for extended times can be challenging, especially for those weekends away or grueling work shifts.

Generally speaking, 4-6 hours should be fine, as long as they have everything they need. Longer periods than this can cause some issues and would not be advised. However, if you have no other options, try to squeeze in a mid-day visit with them, or have a friend or relative check in to see if they are still okay.

If you need to be gone for a day or longer, and absolutely cannot take them with you, consider a day-care. Pet hotels and care facilities are there for exactly these situations, and usually, you can rest assured that they will provide more than enough care and attention and go for plenty of walks.

Puppies and other young animals are at a critical learning phase in their development. They are learning various core skills and lessons, and that does include how to be alone. Teaching a puppy to be alone is key to their happiness later on.

Thus, short bursts of alone time are fine for a puppy, as long as you keep in mind they are still new at this. They won’t always understand why you are leaving them, and it is super important that they don’t feel like it is a punishment. This can cause some big issues down the line.

When Can You Leave A Puppy Alone and for How Long?

Leaving a puppy alone at home is not advised for longer than 2 hours at a time. They are extremely curious and explorative, so this rule is as much for their development as it is for keeping them out of trouble.

They are also still growing, so they need constant exercise. This is normally not an issue, as zoomies is very much a thing! If they are under 3 months old, you should try to avoid leaving them alone any longer than an hour. This means getting some extra help during these times, as your pup will want the attention of someone all the time.


Leaving a Dog Alone: Wrapping up and Heading Out

Leaving a dog alone while at work or out and about can be a stress-free experience, as long as you prepare ahead of time. Have their space planned out, sort their basic needs, and care for their extracurriculars.

If you have someone to check in on them, you might even be able to look at some last-minute flight specials, knowing they will be okay.

With these measures in place, leaving your pet at home should be a breeze. But something you should never forget: never come home empty-handed. Bring a snack, or Lassie might attack (with kisses, but still)!


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