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Nightlife in Mauritius (Bars, Restaurants & Nightclubs)

POSTED ON: March 22, 2018 IN Mauritius, Travel Blog

Mauritius has easily become one of the most attractive destinations to visit, with over a million tourists visiting the island every year, it has had the opportunity to develop its nightlife scene into what it is today.

So, when the sun begins to set and the humidity is broken with evening winds, it’s time to decide what to do next. Remember to stay tuned until the end as I reveal one of the oldest, and to this day, the most popular beach bar Mauritius has to offer!

With an array of places to eat, drink and dance, you are never at a loss of night time activities on the island. Whether you’re looking to enjoy an evening of Mauritian culture, a flare of international diversity or an evening to escape from the kids; here’s how you can enjoy your final hours of the day.


Due to the cultural diversity of Mauritius, there is so much on offer. With a selection of Creole, French, Italian, Indian and Chinese restaurants, there is no doubt that there is something for everyone!

Street Food

First and foremost, if you wish to divulge more in the local cuisine, you can enjoy a delicious Roti (A.K.A farata) or rougail saucisse, a traditional meal of sausage in a tomato, onion and garlic base, mixed with chilli of course and served with a side of rice. Dholl Puri is also well known as the ultimate street food!

Simply take a stroll along the safe streets of Mauritius and be greeted every 10 meters by warm smiles and the aromas of all these various delicacies.

The best places to find these stalls would be along any Mauritius beachfront, where you are also offered a selection of vegetables and sweet fruits.

 Mauritius food

Restaurants in Grand Baie


Luigi’s is by far the most popular Italian restaurant located in Grand Baie, Mauritius.  Owned and run by an Italian family, Luigi and his wife style classic pasta and pizza dishes and have a selection of meat and seafood dishes too! This is the perfect restaurant for families or even a lovely evening for two.

Note, Luigi’s is closed on a Monday and I would suggest booking a table, as it is likely to be packed from Tuesday to Sunday. Luigi’s is the perfect example of the cultural diversity that exists and is adored in Mauritius.

The Beach House

Take an extra 5-minute drive down the road and you will find a local South African spot that has been caught by the island fever. Owned by ex-Springbok rugby player; Cabous Van Der Westhuizen launched The Beach House and has quickly developed it into one of the hottest spots for burgers, beers and a sunset view right on the beautiful Grand Baie beach.

Restaurants in Port Louis

Shanghai Express

The Shanghai Express is a quintessential Mauritian restaurant. Although the design and decor of the restaurant may not seem too appealing, you can never judge a book by its cover! Providing both inside and outside eating areas, you can enjoy a view around Port Louis harbour while appreciating Chinese delicacies served with Mauritian hospitality.

The benefits of eating Chinese food on the island is that you are likely to be served ample portions at decent prices; more than enough to take home and eat for the next two days. Shanghai Express serves a multitude of spring rolls and dishes based with chicken, seafood and vegetables.


Most restaurants in Port Louis seem to be located at Le Caudan Marina, however, if I had to suggest one, Namaste is it. Namaste provides a spectacular Indian fine dining experience. With their Chef bringing his skills to Mauritius all the way from north India, you are spoilt with rich, flavourful spices of various exotic Indian dishes.

Although Namaste will be a more expensive evening out, it is all so worth it. Sit outside and bask in a rooftop view over the Port Louis Marina, enjoying a meal of butter chicken or fish vindaloo paired with their garlic naan.

I can assure you, you will leave a very happy customer!

Namaste Mauritius

La Bonne Marmite

If you’re looking for one place with a broader spectrum of meals, La Bonne Marmite showcases three floors of dining space, catering multicultural cuisine from Europe, India and Asia. La Bonne Marmite directly translated means “The Good Cooking Pot”, and they stand by their name by focusing their passion through food that both looks and tastes great.

With a selection of curries, tandoori and even their very own English buffet, you are never at a loss for options.

La Bonne Marmite opened the first English pub in Mauritius in 1973 and now serves a buffet of classic English roasted meats, vegetables and additional hot dishes; and it can be located at the very core of Port Louis, just across from Le Caudan Waterfront.


Restaurants in Tamarin

Le Whatever

Le Whatever has distinguished itself through serving classic French dishes pairing each with a selection of over 150 wines. Located in Place Cape, Tamarin, this Parisienne brasserie is the epitome of fine dining; creating meals with the freshest local produce as well as imported Australian meats.


The Bay

Right on La Preneuse beach, Tamarin, take a seat and enjoy the wonderful ocean views with the warm Mauritius sand being only a few steps away. At night, this restaurant becomes a beautiful, intimate setting for anyone to relax after a long week at work, or even a busy day touring the island.

The Bay restaurant serves local meals that capture the true culture of Mauritius and are presented so well you won’t even want to touch it. Their diverse menu offers tantalising starters, creole specialities and decadent desserts.

On weekends, you are welcomed to enjoy a live band, setting the scene with a warm, jazzy ambience.


Once you’ve satisfied your appetite, it is more than likely you’ll feel like a beer or five. If you don’t feel like dancing through to the early hours of the morning, here is a selection of bars and pubs that take you into the life of a Mauritian, or even keep you feeling like you are right at home amongst tourists alike. If you haven’t already, I would suggest trying the selection of “Flying Dodo” beers, or the most prevalent beer of the island, Phoenix.

Bars in Grand Baie

The Tavern

If you’re feeling really confident, then Wednesday at The Tavern is exactly what you’re looking for. After a few beers, you can confidently showcase those skills you have been developing for so long in the shower at one of their karaoke evenings.

As Mauritius’ first resto-pub in the north of the city, here you can find a stylish and relaxed environment for some light meals made from quality Mauritian ingredients, a variety of drinks or even entertainment by resident singer, Thomas Bechard. You could even compete in their regular dart competitions!

Al Shisha

One thing I know, and most never talk about this, is that Mauritians love their shisha! Also known as “Hookah” or “hubbly bubbly”, there are a few places one can go to spark up a coal and enjoy some friendly company.

Al Shisha caters to habitants and tourists alike on both sides of the island; located in Grand Baie or Flic en Flac, this “salon de the” styles strong Indian décor and a lovely, calm atmosphere where one can order a drink or local tea and smoke some shisha.

Mauritius bar

Bars in Port Louis

Keg & Marlin

The Keg & Marlin is a quaint, little bar located at the popular Caudan marina, Port Louis. Enjoy a selection of wines, local and imported beers as well as various cocktails and spirits. With a view over the Marina, this is the perfect place to sit outside, bask in the night time heat and enjoy a pint. The Keg & Marlin also offers live music and very friendly service.

On The Rocks

On The Rocks Bar can be found at Le Suffren Hotel and Marina, a quick 800 metres from the Waterfront. Sit at the bar and be entertained by Brazilian bartender, Joao Rodrigues, who gives a special “flare” to mixing and pouring drinks and cocktails.

With a cool, blue setting, one can enjoy the relaxed ambience of lounge music amongst the quiet waters of the marina. Some nights are welcomed with live bands and DJ’s, enveloping the evening with distinct chatter, laughter and a lot of dancing.

Bars in Tamarin

Big Willy’s

Big Willy’s is probably the best choice, being the most versatile of establishments. From restaurant, to sports bar, to beer garden, to nightclub, Big Willy’s is the place to be! Located in Black River north of Mauritius; one can enjoy tapas accompanied by a selection of ice cold, local and imported beers in their brand new beer garden.

All the while, one can support their favourite sports teams on the big screen TV’s or attend their music events, hosting various DJ’s such as, DJ Assad, Nick Bridges as well as Mauritian artists.

Nightclubs in Mauritius

For such a small island, the locals really know how to throw a good party! Below are a few of the most popular places to go to enjoy loud music, drink strong adult beverages and to dance your inhibitions away. If you know how to keep those eyes open until the early hours of the morning, then these are the best places for you.

OMG Grand Baie


Best mauritius nightclub

Moving on to the early hours of the morning, OMG launched in 2013 and in 5 years, has become Mauritius’ number one nightclub. With a massive dance floor and ample seating space, you are sure to be in for a good night on the town.

Every weekend, OMG hosts various local DJ’s as well as some of the best international artists, such as Chris Taylor (South Africa), or DJane Da Queen (Ukraine).

Open Tuesdays through to Saturdays from 10pm to 5am, OMG plays progressive and electro house music.


Lakaz, which means “home” in Creole is for a more expensive night out. If you’re looking for something not quite as hectic as a nightclub, Lakaz hosts a more spacious, cosy and modern atmosphere.

Listen to live bands and choose from a selection of wonderful cocktails, taking comfort in the lounge area of this huge space. speed up your evening on the dancefloor, attending their techno, house or hip hop evenings.

Banana Beach Club

To save the best for last, for 24 years, Banana Beach Club has provided locals and tourists with a real tropical island feeling. Being one of the most well-known bars and dancing spots, one can enjoy authentic fruit cocktails, live bands, DJ’s and delicious food.

Did you know that Banana Beach Club is known for the best mojito on the island? It’s setting is perfect for those who love the island feeling, with surrounding palm trees, sandy floors and a lovely open roof, you are sure to feel like you are on the beach (even though the beach is across the road).


No matter where you go, you are sure to be welcomed with open arms and bright smiles, feeling like you are right at home wherever you go. Mauritius showcases a variety of different activities for all. Whether you have a rumbling tummy, or you find yourself with a hop in your step, take yourself for the real Mauritian tour!



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