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Is the Maldives Expensive?

For South Africans, the Maldives is a postcard image of stunning sea views and, all too often, luxury resorts that seem beyond our grasp. But it needn’t be. With 1 ZAR equalling around 1,30 MVR, South Africans are at a distinct advantage. In comparison, the European holidays South Africans love taking result in poor exchange…

How Much is a Trip to the Maldives? Costs of Flights, Accommodation & Food

A trip to the Maldives is a unique opportunity to experience one of the Earth’s most unblemished stretches of shimmery ocean and it can be done on almost any budget! Flights Flights to the Maldives often involve layovers in places like Doha or Dubai. Look out for a new direct route opening for passengers soon….

Claudia & Didier Simoen

We hope you are doing well. Sorry for the so late reply…! We have been so busy with work etc. We just wanted to say thank you for everything. We had such a beautiful honeymoon. The people at the Kani Island (Club Med) where so friendly and so much fun! We meet so many lovely…

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