POSTED ON: March 13, 2015 IN Egypt, Feedback

Hope you had a good break. Sure you all will be happy like we are to be rid of the Gautengelengs soon…

Yes the holiday was great. The tour operator (Travco) appears to be the best in Egypt. Vehicles in a good state and mostly on time. Got use to the Egypt minute.. We managed to fit lots in to a short time, leading to a lot of rushing on holiday but what the hell you only do it once and we rested nicely at home.

The best feedback I have is the following (except it was great):
1. Distance from hotel room to Breakfast to Dive centre. This was a short hike, not kidding this hotel uses golf carts to take your baggage to your room. Actually enjoyed the walk but took some time planning.
2. Costs, the diving especially was not cheap. The cost of dinner etc in Rands was a bit of a killer.. But I suppose it is more the weak rand. Still can not believe Egyptian Pound stronger than rand.

Otherwise quite an experience and again thanks for all your help, I saw firsthand how holidays over there can go wrong.

Chat soon for the next adventure, Agnes wants Kilimandjaro, I am aiming for Thailand…

Remember our April men’s weekend coming up, any ideas???

Chat soon,

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