POSTED ON: March 13, 2015 IN Feedback, Madagascar

Hope you ladies are well and having a good week so far up in Durbs…

Sorry I’ve not gotten back to you sooner, been off from work this week as well, and actually redoing my garden, so been slaving away the last couple days… nothing like manually moving 1.5 tons of gravel and stone around by hand!! J

We had an amazing trip to Madagascar, despite the luggage loss… of course for me it was bitterly disappointing as I couldn’t fish, which I am sure you’ve realised by now is my life blood. But the place and people really were amazing, so that made up for it.

Sakatia Lodge, Jose and Isabella and their staff are absolutely incredible, so much more than we expected! Hopefully we’ll be returning soon, because we absolutely loved it! Perfect weather too, so a great time to be there.

I wanted to get started on the AIG Insurance claim you mentioned, can you let me know what I need to do for that?

Many Thanks and chat soon.

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